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10k 7.4V 4400mAh heated clothing battery were sent to Germany

10k 7.4V 4400mAh heated clothing battery was sent to Germany, this is the third order this month from Germany for it, it will be used for warming clothes and battery heated gloves, very helpful in cold weather for people to go out in daily life.

Its major specs are as below:

Voltage: 7.4V
Power efficiency: ≥95%
Max output:  20W
Load impedance: 5Ω-200Ω
Charging protection voltage: 8.4V
Discharging protection voltage: 6.0V
Battery lifespan: 500 cycles
Charge and discharge port: 1.DC/2.1*5.5/10mm
Battery weight: 330g
Charging temperature:0℃~45℃;32oF~113oF
Discharging temperature:-20℃~60℃;-4oF~149oF
Storage temperature:-20℃~45℃;-4oF~113oF
Box size 95mm*138mm*230mm
Long term storage:75% power for 6 months
Package and weight:6 small packge/carton、21Kg
Guaranty year

Application: heated gloves, heated clothes, heated shoes,heated motorcycle jackets

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