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    Padre Electronics has its own service philosophy and operating system. The whole system includes three parts, operated by different teams, but the teams are working under sales guidance and assistance.

    Pre sale service, in this step, the service and sales can both handle the questions from potential or new customers, and offer assistance by their best, mostly this job will be operated online by online service system or phone calls, besides answering questions, handle possible interviews, arrange sales to work with the client.

    In sale service, in this step, mostly operated by sales, they communicate with clients on details of requirements, and making solutions, during this period, engineer team is always strong support behind the sales, sales will arrange the production for client order, take care of papers job and arrange transport.

    After sale service, in this step, the service, sales, and engineers can all be involved into the operation process, when it doesn’t come to complains, the sales and service will handle it, most time by call or emails, on some documents, or feedback, or investigation on market situation, etc, when it comes to complains, the sales and engineers will play important role, they have to find the problem and its reason, finally the engineer will make a technical solution while sales will make commercial solutions for the complaining client.

    Our service system is designed for customers and aims to help, we ask, answer, offer advice and consults, analyze and make solutions, handle complains, never let customers down, no matter the customer is big or small, where he is from, we value them as the same, and cherish all our mutual efforts and relationship.