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    This privacy policy describes how the personal information that is collected when you visit the Pdbattery website.

    Here we promise that your privacy is protected. visitors can visit most of our web pages without revealing any personal information.However,sometimes, we need some of your information to help offering you some requested services. All personal information received through our website shall be handled according to the below statement. By using this website, it means you agree to the way of the data collection and processing.

    Section 1. Information collection and use

    In some cases including your submitting an online form for requesting information, PADRE may request personal information from you, like your name, e-mail address, company name, or telephone number. Your response to these inquiries is strictly voluntary. PADRE uses this information to customize your experience on our web site or for other business purposes, such as new products and services alert that can assist you in your business. Sometime we may collect some non-personal information through cookies. This information is used to understand better and improve the quality of our web service.

    Section 2. Protection of privacy

    When you provide your personal information in ways above mentioned, we will not share the information to any third party without your permission. PADRE will never sell, either wholly or partially, the user’s information to a third party or organization. When personal information is requested, PADRE shall clearly indicate the purpose in which it will be used and request only that information which is appropriate to the purpose. PADRE will employ strict policies to ensure appropriate handling of personal information and prevent fraudulent access, loss, damage, falsification or disclosure of personal information.

    Section 3. Changes

    PADRE is committed to continuous review and upgrading of its protection and processing of personal information. When updating the statement, we will notify you by posting an announcement on our website.

    Section 4. About the Statement

    If you have any question about the statement mentioned, please feel free to contact us by:
    +86-755-29184180 or [email protected].

    This privacy policy was last updated on 18 Jan 2015.