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  • Guarantee policy

    Padre Electronics offers one year guaranty for rechargeable lithium batteries. If for Padre reason in manufacturing, the battery has obvious defects or serious problems that affect using, we will replace with new ones after checking and confirmation, besides, if its caused by improperly use or un-professional reassemble or dispatch, or natural reasons, we will take no responsibility. However, we can try to offer possible helps on customer request for replacement parts when we think it’s necessary.

    Rechargeable lithium batteries using method and tips:。

    1-       Its prohibited to touch the battery with sharp items

    2-       Its prohibited to transport or store the batteries together with mineral items.

    3-       Don’t throw, drop, punch, bend the lithium batteries, don’t hit it with hammer nor tread it.

    4-       Don’t use mineral items like wires to link the battery anode and cathode in short circuit way.

    5-       Don’t disassemble the battery cell in any case

    6-       Never put the battery into water or sea, the battery cell should keep dry.

    7-       Don’t use or put the battery near the heat source (hot water, heaters).

    8-       Don’t heat the battery

    9-       Its prohibited to weld the battery directly

    10-   Don’t charge the battery near fire or hot place.

    11-   Don’t put the battery into miro wave oven or other high pressure containers.

    12-   Don’t use or store rechargeable lithium batteries under high temperature for long time, it may cause over heat, fire or cycle life fades.

    13-   In case of any electrode liquid touch with skin or other places on body, please clean it with pure water, if there is any electrode liquid in eyes, please clean with water and go to nearest hospital for help.

    14-   Its prohibited to use damaged batteries, if the electrode liquid leaks or smells of electrode can be smelled, please keep it away from fire to avoid fire or explosion.

    15-   Don’t store it with too low capacity and voltage for long time as months, its recommended to offer it 30%~40% capacity before storing it for long time, remember to charge it again in three months.