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2K large lithium polymer battery cells 3.7V 10Ah sent to Germany

2K pcs big lithium polymer battery cells  3.7V 10Ah PD 9059156 were sent to Germany early this week by Padre. According to sales record of the past half year, this kind of big capacity battery are becoming hot in market, the demand is strong from two sections of applications: consumer electronics power back up and industry high power supply such as laser devices,and portable medical equipment.

10Ah lipo,lipo cell,big lithium polymer battery

big capacity lithium polymer battery cell 3.7V 10Ah

Padre offers customers multiple options, single lipo battery cells, single cell with PCM,cables,connectors, custom lithium polymer battery packs such as 2S,3S,4S are available, however, the most important factor that draws clients’ attention  is still the high standard performance,high energy,stable and safe.

big lipo cell,big lipo battery

Big lipo battery cell with 10Ah capacity

Click for the specs of Padre lithium polymer battery cells 3.7V 10Ah PD 9059156 .

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