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Heated clothing battery order goes up as winter comes

Heated clothing and gloves battery order goes up quickly as winter comes, it’s a beginning of new busy time.

Below are some European cities temperature data of today:

London 3℃

Moscow 1℃ snowing

Paris 0~6℃, raining with snows

Berlin: 1~6℃ raining

Copenhagen: 4~6℃ raining

Oslo:-3℃ snowing

This is just a start of winter, many companies are preparing warming heated products for future lower temperature cold weather, battery heated gloves, heated motorcycle jackets, heated shoes, and many heated polar fleeces, hoodies will be in huge demand.

Heated clothing battery is the key parts of these heated products, orders for it is increasing quickly, especially the 7.4V battery is very hot, it occupys about 45%. we also find that battery for heated gloves is very welcome in European countries, especially in Germany, UK and Nederland.


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