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Long cylindrical custom 11.1V Li-ion battery pack

Recently long cylindrical 11.1V li-ion battery pack designed by Padre was widely liked in market, the main reason is its features: Slim and long cylinder shape, high energy density, easy use, light weight,long cycle life and environmental friendly,many portable lighting devices are using this product.


11.1V li-ion battery pack

11.1V li-ion battery pack custom long battery

Battery name:  12V li-ion battery pack
Nominal capacity: 11.1V
Capacity: 2200mAh
Discharge cut off voltage: 3.0V
Charge cut off voltage: 4.25V
Max continuous discharge current: 2A
Peak discharge current: 3A~4A
Size: Diameter 18.5mm, Length 200mm
Weight: About 160g
Compared to NiMh battery, it has obvious advantages, 1.8 times higher energy,half lighter and weight, 3%~5% monthly self discharge rate while NiMh is 30%, no memory effect, green without pollution.

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