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Mushroom battery to replace current lithium ion battery?

Nowadays, lithium ion battery is more and more used by the portable power market, such as the mobile phones, blue-tooth, wearable smart watch,electrical bicycles, E-cars and so on. Because its a high efficiency rechargeable battery with high power in small size and weight, lithium ion battery especially the lipo battery is spreading the digital market quickly in recent years. However, It’s cycle life is only 300 times~500 times, not very durable, the reason is that lithium ion battery is using graphite as the anode material, but the graphite can degrade as time goes, which means a degradation of the battery anode and battery life.

Recently,a new type durable rechargeable li-ion battery called mushroom battery was developed by scientists in California University. This lithium ion battery has better durability than all other existing lithium  batteries with great ribbon like micro hole structure from mushroom, and more easy to be produced.

mushroom battery,lithium ion battery

mushroom material lithium ion battery

Researchers  heat the mushrooms to be 500 degrees temperature, so it generates  a carbon nano strap structure, then with a new 1100 degrees heating process, finally the carbon nano strap becomes multiple holes structure items, which can be great material for lithium  ion battery anode to bring a perfect durability performance.

The multiple hole nano structure is very important for a lithium ion battery, because the bigger hole space for energy transfer and moving brings longer cycle life and slower degradation.

“We can expect a more durable lithium ion battery in our mobile phones in coming future if we continue to activate this structure and improve it” Said one of the researchers Campbell.

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