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Padre launched world narrowest 5mm LiPo battery

Recently a new LiPo battery designed to be only 5mm wide has been developed by LiPo battery manufacturer Padre Electronics, this is a big shork and exciting news for global smart wearable device designers,because it brings a big innovation in this industry.

narrowest 5mm LiPo battery

narrowest 5mm LiPo battery

Why is this LiPo battery so amazing and different?

The biggest advantadge is the ultra narrow width. it can be as small as 5mm, it’s well known that the narrowest LiPo in global battery market is 7mm wide, even with this width, it’s not easy for most LiPo battery manufacturers,because the space is too mall between two tabs with normal manufacturing technology.

After lauching the 7mm and 6mm ultra narrow LiPo cell, PD(Padre Electronics) had deep investment on developing even narrower batteries, after overcoming some hard blocks, a world narrowest LiPo battery is finally pushed into market supply.

What changes will be brought?

Obviously, long tube shape digital products such as the record pen,electronic cigarettes, electric toothbrash will get more space for more build-in functions, or be able to minimize the design. small space change always means big difference for a new product design, it’s involved with customer final experience.

According to PD marketing department Mr.Liu, this new ultra narrow LiPo battery model PD400529 30mAh has already entered mass production, the related marketing job will follow, no doubt, the demand is huge.

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