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15k 7.4v 5100mAh 40C lipo battery for RC models were sent to Belgium

10k 7.4v 5100mAh 40C lipo battery for RC models were sent to Belgium, this battery pack seems to be very hot in RC model fans in Europe, the demand for Padre high rate PDHR5543125-2S2P had been increasing, over 30k of this battery pack were delivered to France, UK, Belgium, Hungary, Denmark in the past 6 months, its almost twenty percents of all Padre high rate battery export amount during these months.

Its major specs as below:

Model: PSHR5543125-2S2P

Battery type: High rate RC models lipo battery pack

Voltage: 7.4V

Capacity: 5100mAh

Constant discharge current: 204A(40C)

Pulse discharge current: 306A(60C)

Charge cut off voltage:8.4V

Charge mode: CC CV with balance charger

Dimension: 25.5mm*46.5*138.5mm

Weight: 312g

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