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60k iphone6 battery case power bank 3000mAh were send to US

60k iphone6 battery case power bank were send to US, this is a battery case designed for the Iphone6, with the spreading of the latest iphone battery models, the latest battery cases for them are also hot in market, the purchase will is strong.

Battery case, is not just a case, but a power bank or we say power case, it includes the smart phone shell and external battery for it. it can charge and prolong the iphone talk time and use time conveniently without taking it off and on.also the fashion appearance caught many customer’s eyes.

Information about this battery case:

Application: Iphone 6
Model: PDI6-3000B
2.Output Voltage:5V
3.Output Current:1A
4.Input Voltage:5V
5.Input Current:1A
7.Dimensions: 150 x 71 x 14mm
8.Packing: 50pcs/carton,size:32X39X23CM,G.W.:10kg/carton

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