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Lithium polymer battery will be the most popular digital battery in future

In 2009, 10.7% of mobile phone batteries are lithium polymer battery, 3 year later after that, the ratio raised up to be 32.5%, now its 45%. In the coming years, with the fast development of 3G market and smart phone industry, lithium polymer battery will donate most of future mobile phone battery market. It is predicted that in 2015, its application ratio in mobile phone will reach 64%.

In 2009, 7.6% of global laptop batteries used li polymer battery, in 2012, it became 31.5%, now its 46%, in 2015, it will be about 65%.

Lithium polymer battery will be the major direction for future digital battery, this will form great influence upon the development of lithium batteries, because mobile phone battery will be the most important application for lithium battery before power battery and big storage market get fast development.

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