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Padre Electronics’reliable rechargeable lithium battery solution for power tool

It’s a big innovation to replace the NiCd battery with Lithium batteries in power tools, but rechargeable li ion battery has both advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages for lithium battery are:

1-      Environmental friendly, much better than NiCd battery

2-      Higher energy and power to drive electrical power tools

Disadvantages for lithium battery is the fragile high temperature feature, some fires cases are related with this feature, lithium battery can not control temperature itself, this is a vital potential risk for the power tool devices.

To solve this problem, began with the battery, Padre Electronics did lots of research job to make a technical solution. Now Padre Lithium battery can be managed safely by controlling each cell instead of the whole battery pack, it’s a great difference between Padre and other suppliers.

This control system is also included in discharge process, because in many construction projects, the power tools may require high power working, which directly rises up the battery temperature. So, both the charge and discharge should be considered in this system, and then the battery pack can be managed under stable and safe condition, Padre also used sensor technology to realize automatic cooling control as soon as the first cell is too hot.

Maybe Padre lithium battery control system for power tool is not the first one, but it’s really a reliable rechargeable battery heat control solution.

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