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Super long life lithium ion battery can work over 70 years was invented by Sharp

A lithium ion battery with super long life was invented by Sharp research team, the first trial sample of which has length of 8 cm.

If people charge and discharge it once everyday, existing lithium ion battery can work for at most 10 years( 100% DOD till 50% capacity,3 years with 80% capacity left),but the Sharp super lithium battery can have over 10000 cycles life, according to the test, the highest record is 25000 times, it means 70 years lifespan,its even higher than 20000 cycle life record of Padre Electronics LTO battery.

According related news, Sharp is planing to use the super lithium ion battery above mentioned for wind and solar power system as energy storage batteries. Because of it’s super long life, even the solar panel or wind power generator fails for long time reason, the energy storage battery can keep working without replacement, this will reduce amount of storage batteries needed, hence lots of cost of power generation is saved.

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