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Super batteries|RC lipo battery|high temperature battery|ulthra thin battery

Super batteries|RC lipo battery|high temperature battery|ulthra thin battery

Short Description:

Padre super lithium batteries includes ultra thin battery,ultra small battery,curved battery,ultra high low temperature battery,high rate RC model lipo battery.


Super lithium batteries:

1-High rate battery

2-High temp lipo battery

3-Low temp battery

4-Ultra thin battery

5-Curved battery

6-15 years life battery

Super lithium batteries are those who have  very strong unique strength on some performance compared to others, Padre designed 6 types super capable lithium batteries:

·High low temp battery ·Ultra thin battery ·RC battery ·Ultra small battery ·Curved battery  More batteries

1-High rate battery

This battery’s biggest feature is being able to discharge big current, Padre high rate battery has C rate as high as 50C, and peak 70C, it means a 5Ah battery can discharge with output current of 150A, and peak 350A. so far, the RC model market is the biggest source for high rate battery, they need lipo battery packs of 5C to 50C, different voltages(1S~6S), different capacity.

Padre has high rate lipo battery cells of 5C, 10C, 15C,20C,25C,30C,35C,40C, 50C, capacity from 10mAh to 50Ah, thickness from 2mm to 11mm, width from 10mm to 195mm, height(length)from 10mm to 250mm. we have over 1000 models of different cells, hence we can almost assemble any custom high rate lipo battery packs for global RC models clients, each month tens of thousands of Padre lipo battery packs are sent to over 28 countries around the world.

2-Ultra thin battery

Ultra thin battery is a special lithium polymer battery(polymer lithium ion), it’s known for its ultra thin size.It can be as thin as a paper, according to Padre battery, 0.5mm is available and in mass production, they provide a possibility for thin smart electronics to have strong functions, the products can be thinner and thinner, which brings more convenience of carrying. it can be widely used in banking electronics such as smart card, new generation credit card, multi-function card, RFID, and some other possible special field thin products.

Ultra thin battery ws

Now Padre battery has 0.5mm series, 0.6mm series,0.8 series, and 1mm series ultra thin lithium polymer batteries, capacity can be 10mAh to 1000mAh with customized sizes. Padre can offer oem design and production for client’s requirements.

3-Ultra curved battery

Curved battery is designed for some particular products who require curved battery because of its special shape and limited space. Many wearable electronics products such as smart watch, video glass,  intelligent bracelet and other similar ones are in need of this type rechargeable batteries, hence Padre designed new generation ultra curved battery, mainly from lithium polymer technology.

curved battery ws

Padre curved battery can be customized with different sizes, angles, shapes and capacity according to various detailed requirements of customer’s equipment.

4- Ultra small battery

What is a ultra small battery? Padre has a clear definition, first it must be a rechargeable battery, secondly both of its width and length are less than 2cm. the smallest one we had ever made is 2mm*12mm*12mm, its even smaller than the smallest finger nail.

super small battery ws

Padre can customize the ultra small battery for clients, the battery are always used for some secret hidden electronics, blue-tooth, tiny headset, micro electronics, some radar system, industry test device, signal transduction, and other all possible small size applications.

5-High-Low temperature battery

This battery is designed for special work environment. in some cases, the battery must work under high temperature or low temperature, so the application has strict requirement on the battery high temperature performance, this is what normal lithium ion battery can not do.

high low temperature battery ws

Padre developed high temperature lithium polymer battery which can work under +85 environment, it can meet most demand. Padre low temperature battery can keep working under -50. the size and capacity can be customized according to detailed requirements.

6-LTO battery

LTO battery is famous for it’s super long cycle life, with Padre’s latest test report, it’s thought to have over 20000 times cycle life with 0.2C 100% DOD, it means it can work for almost 15 years, it’s cycle life is 10 times longer than LiFePO4 battery and 40 times longer than Cobalt lithium ion battery, about 50 times of lead acid battery. It’s long life makes it a very economical power battery solution compared to other batteries.

lto battery ws

Its a very good promising rechargeable lithium battery, in many fields such as energy storage system, far away telecommunication base, large scale solar or wind power generation system, and the electric vehicles industry will become the places where LTO battery displays it’s excellent performances.

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