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Double energy super battery developed by MIT subsidiary

Lithium polymer battery is a embarrassing topic hard to avoid for smart cell phones and other smart devices. the conflict between improving hardware and under-developed rechargeable batteries is rising up.Especially in nowadays the time of wearable devices, daily charging becomes a big problem for consumers.

So many people are talking about batteries, generally speaking, factors are supposed to be included are these:higher capacity, smaller size, better charging efficiency, more convenient charging, energy saving, environmental friendly. however, the lithium ion batteries widely used today requires bigger size to increase capacity, this is contradiction  relationship with the smart device trend of being smaller and smaller.

Sure, there is no perfect battery technology so far, but anyway someone is making progress toward to this direction. According to Forbes news, a MIT subsidiary named SolidEnergy has a solution now for it, which can prolong the lithium battery work time remarkably.

SolidEnergy developed a special lithium battery, it’s energy density can double existing lithium battery, it means it has more capacity with the same size. Standard mobile phone battery has energy density of 560-580Wh/L , but the SolidEnergy made it 1337Wh/L.

This Lithium battery used ultra thin metal anode, it’s size is 20% of graphite anode in regular primary batteries. however it requires higher work temperature.

Super battery will be welcomed by hardware manufacturers for sure, in fact, many companies including Apple has showed great interest in this battery, the first application will be Project Ara.

This super lithium battery technology doesn’t mean to overturn, among all the factors we expect from batteries, it just contributed the higher capacity, as for others such as higher charging efficiency(Padre Electronics has great improvement on this, 5C,6C  10 mins charging with more than 90% capacity now is available),eco-friendly,etc. we need more breakthrough advanced technologies to realize them in future.

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