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Lithium polymer battery|Polymer lithium ion battery|Lipo battery|Pouch cell

Lithium polymer battery|Polymer lithium ion battery|Lipo battery|Pouch cell

Short Description:

Lithium polymer battery is a very powerful rechargeable lithium battery, safe material and packing, flexible shapes,Light weight,small size and high energy density,no pollution, now has become the hottest battery for most digital and electronics use.


Lithium polymer battery(lipo battery) features:

1-High energy density

2-Safe and stable

3-Flexible shapes

4-High voltage

5-Low self discharge

6-No memory effect

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What is lithium polymer battery?

Lithium polymer battery(also called polymer lithium ion battery,or lipo battery,li-polymer, PLB), is a lithium ion battery that uses solid electrolyte while another one is using liquid electrolyte, whose name is Liquified lithium ion battery(Li ion,LIB). they have same anode and cathode materials, the anode material can be LiCoO2,LiMn2O4,NiCoMn, the cathode can be graphite. they also have same work way, the difference is just the electrolyte.

Because lithium polymer battery uses solid electrolyte instead of liquid one, so compared to liquid li ion battery, polymer lithium ion battery has some unique advantages, such as flexible shapes, smaller thickness, various sizes, this makes it possible to use aluminum foil to produce battery shell, hence to improve its capacity rate and make it lighter on weight, smaller on size.
New generation lithium polymer battery can have very thin shape, Padre battery can be as thin as 0.5 mm,just like a paper, and its available to customize any shapes such as curved, triangle, arc battery and other special shapes. its great help to offer equipment designers more space and flexibility on power solution, better products can be expected to be created.

lithium polymer battery ws


1-High cell voltage, 3.7V is much higher than NiMn and NiCd battery 1.2V.
2-Higher energy density,twice of NiMh and NiCd.
3-Low self discharge rate,about 1%.
4- Long cycle life, 500 times.
5- No memory effects, easy to use.
6-Great safety performance. With soft aluminum foil package instead of metal one, even in case of safety problem,lithium polymer battery can only swell instead of explode or fire.
7-Thin and thinner. it can be made to be ultra thin, so it can be embedded into credit cards, and other thin devices.
8-Light weight.With aluminum foil shell, it can have at least 25% less weight than same capacity liquid electrolyte lithium ion battery in aluminum case.
9-Higher capacity.Its has 5%~15% more capacity than aluminum lithium ion battery, more and more mobile phones are using lithium polymer battery.
10-Low interior impedance, lithium polymer battery cell has smaller impedance than liquid battery cell, now Padre polymer battery cell can have less than 35mΩ, it prolonged mobile phone work time by greatly reducing self discharge power, high rate type lithium polymer battery can support big current, it makes it best power solution for RC models, Padre high rate polymer battery now can reach 50C continuous discharge rate, and max 70C peak rate.
11-Customized shape. Padre can customize the battery with flexible thickness, length, width and shape according to various equipment particular requirements.
12-Good discharge performance. Lithium polymer battery uses solid electrolyte, this makes it have more stable discharge and higher platform than liquid lithium ion battery.

Digital battery situation and market trend:

In 2009, 10.7% of mobile phone batteries are lithium polymer battery, 3 year later after that, the ratio raised up to be 32.5%, now its 45%, it will be more than 60% next year and finally dominate the whole digital battery industry.

In future, digital products, such as mobile phone, laptop, will be smaller and thinner, so it can be more convenient to take and carry. with the development of mobile phone industry, people want more personalized styles,many of the shape swill be different from traditional square, there will be irregular shapes, curved shape, arc ones, these trends will make lithium polymer battery the king of digital battery soon later.

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