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Fast charging battery

Fast charging battery

Short Description:

Fast charge battery is a new type rechargeable battery, Padre 6C fast charging battery can be charged 80% in only 10 mins, this battery will reduce time wasted in charging in daily life.


Whats’s fast charge battery?

Fast charge battery is those who can be charged 80%~100% in short time, Padre made this come true by changing the electrolyte material solution, so the battery can work with big current and be fully charged in short time, this is the biggest feature for fast charge battery.

We have developed 10C 6 mins fast charging battery in our lab tests,our 6C and 8C fast charge battery had been in mass production for many projects from worldwide clients, we can expect 10C mass production in future.

Advantages of fast charge battery:

  • High speed charging: 80% and more  in 6 minutes
  • Super long cycle life: Even with fast charge mode for 500 times, its capacity can keep 80%.
  • Safe and eco-friendly:  In accordance with IEC,UL,PSE,UN38.3,Rohs
  • Wide and big market: can oem, design custom fast charge battery for consumer electronics,toys,medical devices,and industrial devices.

 Fast charging test data(3.7v 2100mAh as example):

a-Test steps: CC CV Charge the battery to 4.2V with 1C (2100mA),cut off current 110mA, keep static for 5 mins, Discharge it with 1C till 3V, keep static for 5 mins, then 2C, 3C, 4C,5C,6C,7C, discharge it to 3V with constant 1C current, stop, keep 5 mins.

fast charge battery,fast charging

Padre fast charge battery test curve

b- Test data:

1C 2C 3C 4C 5C 6C 7C
Charging Capacity(mAh) 2168.17 2180.721 2184.049 2181.311 2182.541 2181.848 2179.966
CC fast  charging capacity 2104.42 2002.236 1869.460 1895.976 1856.896 1799.187 1740.545
Rate 97.06% 91.82% 85.60% 86.92% 85.08% 82.46% 79.84%

We can OEM develop and customize the voltage, capacity and sizes according to different requirements,welcome to order our special design fast charge lithium polymer battery and LiFePO4 battery.

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