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OEM lithium polymer battery and Lithium ion battery manufacturer

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Padre Electronics Co.,Limited
  • Address: Bldg 3,Lanyuetong industry park,Longhua district,Shenzhen 518109,P.R China
  • Phone: 86-755-29184180
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Advanced equipment

To meet demand of updating technologies battery production, we also updates part of old equipments, and we imported from Japan, Korea, United states latest automatically production equipment and testing devices.

In our workshop, we have 5 sets different series of welding machines, 2 types liquid injection system, 3 stacker machines,  vacuum mixers, slurry coater, electrode splitter, electrode vacuum dryer, electrode puncher ,top sealing machine, lot number printer, vacuum drying ovens, formation machines, capacity grading equipments, below are part of lithium battery manufacturing equipments.

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