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20000 cycles LTO battery

20000 cycles LTO battery

Short Description:

LTO battery,called lithium titanate battery,over 20000 times cycle life,most safe battery,great high temperature and low temperature performance,10 mins fast charge


1-Padre LTO battery introduction

LTO battery is named Lithium titanate battery(Li4Ti5O12), is a new generation lithium ion battery that used the LTO as cathode material instead of graphite, the anode can be LiCoO2, LiMn2O4, LiFePO4,and NiCoMn. as a new type rechargeable lithium battery, LTO battery has great performances of perfect high safety, high stability,super long cycle life and strong temperature tolerance. It can be widely used in electrical car, charging station, tourism bus, yacht, wind power generation storage, transport signal system, solar-wind power street lights,UPS back up power,home energy storage,mine, disaster assistance, electrical system, smart electricity network, communication base, back up battery for hospital,financial industry,telecom system, LTO battery is also good choice for some special fields such as military,long way shipping, aerospace who requires high safety, high stability and long life.

LTO battery developed by Padre Electronics takes the LiMn2O4 as cathode while using LTO as anode, it proves that the battery can have high energy transfer efficiency of 86%~91% between charging and discharging under the environmental temperature of zero 30 degrees to up zero 55 degrees, the performance is very good. so far, normal lithium ion battery has a cycle life of about 500 times, but Padre LTO battery cycle life can reach over 20000 times, it means more than 15 years. Padre LTO battery has been widely used in electrical cars, e-bike, porter,patrol car,tour car, in coming future, it will also be used for e-bus, mine projects, military system and aerospace industry.


2-LTO battery technical features:

a-High safety

It will not  separate out crystals, can stay well with over-charge and over-discharge, strong tolerance for use abusements.

b-Long cycle life

Padre LTO battery is proved to have over 20000 times cycle life with 0.2C discharge.

lto long cycle life

LTO pin test







short circuit test for LTO battery
















LTO battery has very stable composition, very small change after switch between charging and discharging.


LTO battery stable structure









There will no SEI film produced in this battery.(SEI film always produced under high temperature in most rechargeable lithium batteries, and lead to shorten life or even fires.)

LTO battery no SEI film









c-Fast charging, good C rate work performance.

Most lithium batteries requires several hours charging, but LTO battery can be charged in 20 minutes, sometimes even less than 10 minutes.

LTO battery good c rate performance








d-Very good high temperature and low temperature tolerance performance

lto high temperature charging
















3,Padre regular LTO battery cells list

2.4V 10Ah, 15Ah, 20Ah,26Ah,50Ah,75Ah

4, 2.4V 20Ah cell specs



 Nominal capacity


Internal resistance(AC)

< 1 mΩ

Nominal voltage

2.4 V





Charging mode


Charging cut-off voltage


Charging current

Normal charging


Maximum charging current


Discharging cut-off voltage


Maximum discharging current


Operating temperature


-10 -55℃



Storage  temperature

< 1 month

-20 -60℃

< 2 months

-20 -45℃

< 1 year

-20 -20℃

Energy  density






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