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Engine start up battery

Engine start up battery

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LiFePO4 engine start up battery solution,fast charge,big discharge current,low weight


Engine start up battery is for starting a vehicle such as motorcycle, car,bus,truck, its very important power, in the past, lead acid battery had been playing the role, but lead acid battery has low capacity,big size, heavy weight, small current, big self-discharge rate, whats more, it’s material acid and lead are serious pollution for the environment.

Padre developed new generation LiFePO4 batteries for engine starting, they have great advantages upon the traditional battery:

  • No harm to environment, no lead and other heavy metal, no acid.
  • Fast charge, less than half an hour can be enough to fully charge it
  • Big discharge current, it can discharge even as high as 30C rate current.
  • Long cycle life. it can have 5 times longer life than lead acid battery
  • Light weight and 30% weight of same capacity lead acid battery.
  • Low self discharge rate, less than 5% of traditional start up battery.

Below are some Padre motorcycle engine start up battery models from polymer LiFePO4 battery technology(PLB):

Model Voltage Capacity Max current Dimension Weight
PMS12-14 12.8v 14Ah 350A 205 x 87 x 162mm 2.3 kg
PMS12-12 12.8v 12Ah 300A 205 x 89 x 163mm 2.1kg
PMS12-10 12.8v 10.5Ah 275A 205 x 89 x 163mm 1.8 kg
PMS12-9 12.8v 9.5Ah 250A 150 x 87 x 161mm 1.55kg
PMS12-8 12.8v 8Ah 210A 150 x 87 x 145mm 1.4kg
PMS12-6 12.8v 6.5Ah 180A 150 x 87 x 130mm 1.2kg
PMS12-4 12.8v 4.5Ah 120A 150 x 87 x 105mm 0.8kg
PMS12-2 12.8v 2.5Ah 70A 114 x 71 x 106mm 0.5kg


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