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High/low temperature battery

High/low temperature battery

Short Description:

High temperature and low temperature battery can work with -50℃~60℃ environment can fit special applications requirements.


Ultra high and low temperature batteries are those who can work under extremely high temperature and low temperature, they can work well to support important power supply when other batteries can not.

Padre can customize both of them with different voltage, capacity, sizes , OEM and ODM orders are welcome.

1-Ultra low temperature battery

Padre low temperature battery takes new technology from long term material research, we add special functional materials into the electrolyte, VGCF material,  2000±500 ㎡/g ratio graphite as the supplements and cathode. our unique technology is the guaranty of great low temperature discharge performance. its always used in military equipment, aerospace industry, deep diving equipment, polar region scientific application, adventure power supply, extremely cold area actions, rescuing power supply, heated clothing, heated gloves and shoes, portable light power under low temperature.

According to different work environments, we have 3 series:

a- Civilian low temperature battery,-20℃ discharge at 0.2C with 90% capacity, -30℃ discharge at 0.2C with 85% capacity.

b-Special type low temperature battery,-40℃ discharge at 0.2C with 80% capacity,at 0.5C with 75% capacity, this is in mass production.

c-Extremely cold low temperature battery,-50℃ discharge at 0.2C with 50% capacity, no mass production so far for this battery.

2-Ultra high temperature battery

Padre high temperature battery can stand up with 60℃ environmental temperature, under 55℃, it almost have no change on size, its less than 0.5% after 24 hours storage, its battery with very safe and stable storage performances.


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