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iPhone 6 battery replacement

iPhone 6 battery replacement

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Replacement battery for Iphone 6 battery


Replacement battery for Iphone 6/6G battery now is available with OEM production solution.

Brand new lipo battery for fast convenient iphone battery replacing, now  it seems people doesnt need to take several weeks and lots of money to get their old battery replaced, because they have better choice with our Iphone battery solutions.


Battery name: Lithium ion polymer battery

Standard: GB31241-2014


Type 1: Standard capacity battery for Iphone 6/6G 

Model:  PDIB61810

Voltage:  3.8v

Capacity: 1810mAh

Dimension: 3.2×38×96mm

Weight: About 30±1g


Type 2: High capacity battery for Iphone 6/6G

Model:  PDIB62000

Voltage:  3.8v

Capacity: 2000mAh

Dimension: 3.2×38×96mm

Weight: About 33±1g

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