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Energy storage battery

Energy storage battery

Short Description:

Energy storage battery,LiFePO4 technology, long cycle life ,low self discharge rate,high capacity,eco-friendly,free of maintenance,no memory effects.


Energy storage battery is a rechargeable battery system designed for power storage, it is usually used in solar wind power generation system, home energy storage, some isolated electricity network, some telecommunication base and mobile base power supply,solar street light and so on.

Padre energy storage battery takes the new generation LiFePO4 technology, compared to lead acid battery:

1-It can have 4~5 times longer cycle life, about 1500~2000 times, it means saving cost of another battery and installation costs, transport cost.

2-Its free of maintenance, no need of adding water, acid.

3- Friendly to environment, no harmful pollution.

4-High energy density.Higher capacity and smaller size, lighter weight, it means longer work time, for big battery, its important.

5- Very very low self-discharge rate.

6-No memory effects, it means you can charge and discharge freely without waiting.


See some of Padre energy storage battery packs:

Model Voltage Capacity Dimension Weight Application
PC48-10 48V 10AH 442*400*44MM 10KG Communication base storage battery
PC48-20 48V 20AH 442*400*88MM 15KG Communication base storage battery
PC48-30 48V 30AH 442*400*88MM 22KG Communication base storage battery
PC48-40 48V 40AH 442*460*88MM 27KG Communication base storage battery
PC48-50 48V 50AH 442*500*88MM 32KG Communication base storage battery
PC48-60 48V 60AH 442*500*88MM 45KG Communication base storage battery
PC48-70 48V 70AH 442*500*88MM 50KG Communication base storage battery
PC48-80 48V 80AH 442*500*88MM 55KG Communication base storage battery
PC48-90 48V 90AH 442*500*88MM 60KG Communication base storage battery
PC48-100 48V 100AH 442*500*88MM 65KG Communication base storage battery
PS72-50 72V 50AH 640*238*210MM 50KG Energy Storage
PS3-100 3.2V 100AH 170*170*120MM 4KG Home Energy Storage
PS12-30 12.8V 30AH 240*164*94MM 5KG Home Energy Storage
PS12-80 12.8V 80AH 260*169*208MM 11KG Home Energy Storage
PS12-100 12.8V 100AH 400*360*88MM 18KG Home Energy Storage
PS24-100 25.6V 100AH 520*260*220MM 30KG Home Energy Storage
PS48-200 48V 200AH 497*135*210MM 132KG Home Energy Storage
PS48-500 48V 500AH 403*357*399MM 268KG Home Energy Storage


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