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OEM lithium polymer battery and Lithium ion battery manufacturer

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Strict quality control

High standard quality control in manufacturing process is one of the most important factors of most business success, we arranged QC inspection on each step, on some important part, the product and it’s multiple parameters (size, weights, voltage, capacity, impedance, and equipment temperature, environmental conditions etc,) can be tested by several different people, we determine to stop all possible problems before it go to client, it’s our rule and our responsibility.

Our inspections start from the very beginning of material purchased, then the first production step material mixing, then coating, after over 20 process, ends up with delivery to clients.

Another guaranty is from our skilled workers, most of who will accept one week training before starting their job in Padre battery manufacturing workshops, it saves lot of production time for customer orders, meantime necessary training improved their skills which leads to lower defects rate in manufacturing.


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