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16.8V 1A rechargeable lithium battery charger

16.8V 1A rechargeable lithium battery charger

Short Description:

16.8V 1A lithium battery charger for 4s li-ion battery and 4s lipo battery


Name:16.8V 1A rechargeable lithium battery charger

Brief use guidance

Charging mode is CC CV, at the first stage, it starts with CC mode(constant current) till the LED turns red, when the lithium battery voltage reaches a certain level, then the second stage starts with a CV mode(constant voltage), the current will lowers down till till the LED turns green, it means the battery is 90%~95% charged, and the charging process should continue with a very small current for sometime till the battery get full of capacity.

Plugs can be customized :Plugs for China, US,Europe,Korea,Australia,UK are available

The connector can be different specs and sizes excerpt DC:

3.5*1.35 4.0*1.7 5.5*2.1 5.5*2.5 6.3*3.0 4.75*1.7mm

Other chargers with different output voltage,current are available with our OEM/ODM services.

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