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36V 10Ah ebike battery NiCoMn back drawer type

36V 10Ah ebike battery NiCoMn back drawer type

Short Description:

Name: Ebike battery pack Voltage:36V Capacity:10Ah, Material:NiCoMn Shape:drawer type


Name:  36V 10Ah ebike battery NiCoMn back drawer type

Voltage: 36V

Capacity: 10Ah (0.2C discharge)

Continuous work current:15A

Over current protection: 35A(adjustable)

Fits power: ≤500W

Over charging voltage: 42V

Over discharging voltage:30V

Charging mode: CC CV

Charging voltage: 42V

Charging current: 2-5A

Discharging temperature and humidity:0~45℃、45~85%RH

Charging temperature and humidity:-20~55℃、45~85%RH

Storage temperature and humidity:

 One month  -20~+55℃、45~85%RH

 Three months and longer:-20~+45℃、45~85%RH

 One year: -5~+20℃、45~85%RH

Battery cell material: NiCoMn


Cycle life: More than 500 times with 80% capacity left after that

Major features:

1.Stable pack performance、high safety、light weight、long life(more than 500 cycles)。

2.PCM/BMS with multiple protections, In which the advanced control IC from USA, Japan is used to ensure the cell matching, stability, and safety. 

3.Available for OEM/ODM orders

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