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7.4v 5600mAh li-ion rechargeable battery pack

7.4v 5600mAh li-ion rechargeable battery pack

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7.4V 5600mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery pack from China lithium battery manufacturer,battery type:lithium ion rechargeable batteries,Assembly:18650 battery 2P2S.



Name: 7.4v 5600mAh
Model: PD18650-2P2S

Type: Li-ion rechargeable battery pack

Voltage(V): 7.4V
Nominal capacity(mAh): 5600 mAh
Standard charge current: 2.8A
Max discharge current: 5.6A
Peak discharge current 11A
Charge temperature(℃): 0~45
Discharge temperature(℃): -20~60
Storage temperature(℃): -20~45
Dimension(mm):19 (T) x 120(W) x 70(H)
Weight: About 200g
Over charge protection voltage(V):8.4V±0.05
Over discharge protection voltage(V):6.0V±0.1
Life time:500 cycles
Output connectors and cables:customized assemble
OEM/ODM li-ion rechargeable batteries orders are welcomed
Applications: Wireless monitor/devices,Medical devices and portable equipment,Testing devices、LED lights and lamps,transport indication system,portable home electrical tools、kids toys.etc.

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