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Leading OEM lithium polymer battery manufacturer

Lithium battery charger|solar charger|smart balance charger|power bank

Lithium battery charger|solar charger|smart balance charger|power bank

Short Description:

Padre oem chargers includes normal lithium battery chargers for li ion battery,li polymer battery,LiFePO4 battery, and balance charger for RC model lipo battery packs.


Lithium battery charger features:

1-Smart control

2-CC CV charging

3-Custom designs

4-Battery protection

5-Light indication

6-Custom plugs

Padre can offer custom battery chargers for different rechargeable batteries, the input/output voltage, input/output current, power plugs, connectors and some functions are available for OEM orders, to meet requirements of different batteries.

Global battery charger plugs

1-Lithium ion battery charger

Padre can customize the battery chargers for lithium ion battery, lithium polymer battery, LiFePO4 battery, LTO battery and other rechargeable lithium batteries.

lithium battery charger ws

These chargers are designed only for rechargeable lithium batteries with CC CV charging mode and over charge protection. CC is constant current charging, CV is constant voltage charging, when the charger is connected with both battery and input power and the switch is on, the charging will start with CC process till the battery voltage reached a certain level, then the CV process starts, the voltage will keep same while the charging current will go down, at last it will stop when the current goes to zero slightly.

2-Smart balance charger

This charger is mostly for RC model lipo battery pack who runs with big discharge current. High rate discharge battery always works with big C rate, it will easily increase the differences among cells inside even the battery pack is matched very well in production. To solve this problem, a balance charger is needed.

AK610AC-1smart balance charger ws

What’s a balance charger? Its a charger that manages each cells during charging, it can collect data like single cell voltage, current flowing ¬†from each battery cells and the whole battery pack voltage, temperature situation, then take smart control to make each cell be charged to same voltage with high consistency, so it can work well again with big discharging.


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