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UPS back up battery

UPS back up battery

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UPS battery/back up battery/LiFePO4 for power back up system


LiFePO4 ¬†battery has great natural advantage to work for UPS back up system since it was innovated, because lithium iron phosphate battery owns a very long cycle life(2000 times), good storage performance, high safety with big power discharge and fast charge, and also it’s small size is a good point that smaller space is needed than before to install the UPS back up system. all of these features are vital for back up power systems.

Below are some models of Padre LiFePO4 UPS back up batteries:

Model Voltage Capacity Dimension Weight Application
PU3-10 3.2V 10AH 78*68*35MM 0.5KG UPS
PU6-10 6.4V 10AH 133*70*34MM 0.8KG UPS
PU24-20 25.6V 20AH 220*185*80MM 5KG UPS
PU24-45 25.6V 45AH 480*340*188MM 25KG UPS
PU24-200 25.6V 200AH 485*334*237MM 68KG UPS
PU48-40 48V 40AH 435*309*109MM 19KG UPS
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