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OEM power battery packs

OEM power battery packs

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Padre offers OEM power battery packs with different technology and materials,like LiFePO4, LiMn2O4,NiCoMn,LTO,different solutions can be customized according to different projects requirements.


OEM power battery packs:

1-Custom voltage

2-Custom capacity

3-Custom material

4-Custom Size&shape

5-Custom PCM BMS

6-Custom assemble

Engine start up battery     Energy storage battery  UPS back up battery   LiFePO4 solution LTO battery

Padre can offer OEM power battery pack by customizing with different lithium battery cells and advanced BMS. we have at least four types basic rechargeable lithium battery technology and thousands of models of battery cells, custom design BMS/PCB/PCM and customized packing case.

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For the moment, we mostly use LiFePO4, sometimes also use LiMn2O4,NiCoMn and also try to use latest LTO technology for power battery packs manufacturing.

1-LiFePO4 battery pack solution

For moment, in China, the most popular power back solution is lithium iron phosphate technology, because of its big discharge rate , fast charge, long cycle life, and safe high temperature performance, these are very important points for power battery.

By cell shape, Padre LiFePO4 battery cells includes two types, one is cylindrical, another is prismatic.

By technology, one is liquid electrolyte LiFePO4, another is polymer one,

By packing, one is metal case, another is soft aluminum foil one.

By discharge rate, Padre has both standard type and high rate type.

We  analyze details of requirements and client conditions, consider every factors that can affect the battery performance and using efficiency, choose different technology,different packing, different discharge rate, different shape to make battery pack, so it can be the most suitable power battery solution for clients.

2-LiMn2O4 battery pack solution

This solution is popular in Japan and Korea, because of its high voltage and energy density, in future it can be important competitor for LiFePO4 battery with more technical improvements, such as the high temperature performance and cycle life. as a representative in China lithium battery suppliers, Padre had been working hard to do more research to find more possibilities and ways for this industry. By using national advanced LiMn2O4  material which can have almost 1000 times cycle life and better high temperature performance, we have began to offer clients this battery, according to feedback, it works very well, but this technology has higher cost, we hope in future it can go down while technology developed.

3-LTO battery pack solution

This material is latest lithium titanate technology, our team developed one of the world earliest LTO batteries in 2012, now its cycle life with 0.2C 100%DOD has been able to reach over 20000 times, our test also proved that LTO battery has many more super performances than this, such as high safety with very strong tolerance of using abusement, it will not catch fire nor explode even in fire, it has very great high temperature and low temperature work performance, and its absolutely quick charge must be very impressive, in a city e-bus project, people saw the LTO battery was charged fully in only 10 minutes.electrical vehicles and energy storage, solar system, UPS system will be its first market.


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