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Medical device batteries

Medical device batteries

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Padre lithium ion battery and lithium polymer battery are very good power solution for portable medical devices,the advantage is big compared to other rechargeable batteries.


Medical device batteries became a hot topic recently, because of development of medical industry.  Its evaluated that the global medical device market will reach as high as 400 billion dollars by 2016.

As human live quality improves at high speed, home healthcare is more and more important, sometimes people want to monitor their own health situation and do some simple measurements, so they can find problems in earlier, sometimes, doctors needs to visit remote area patients to help, many diagnostic medical devices must be portable, such as the X-ray equipment, portable monitors, infusion pumps and other devices.

These portable medical devices needs reliable and powerful rechargeable batteries to power them, Padre has been working on this for many years, we can OEM design and manufacture different li-ion battery, lithium polymer battery, LiFePO4 battery of different voltage, capacity, dimension with customized assemble.

Padre medical device battery has many advantages compared to traditional lead acid batteries and NiMh NiCd batteries.

Light weight, it can be only 20% of the same capacity lead acid battery

More power: with high energy density, it prolonged the work time for portable devices

Long cycle life: 500 times, twice of NiMh NiCd.

No memory effects: it means great convenience of use, you can charge and discharge it anytime you want while NiMh NiCd needs you to fully discharge it before recharging it. its important for portable medical device, patients are first and always need to be served in time and as soon as possible.

Environmental friendly: Compared to other batteries, Padre battery is green eco-friendly energy without pollution.


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