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Universal mobile battery bank

Universal mobile battery bank

Short Description:

Battery bank with multiple power output,smart control,multiple adapters,LED indicator,USB port


Battery Bank

Smart battery bank can power all brands of laptop computers, Play Station, MP3/MP4 players, mobile phone, portable DVD players and many other portable/mobile electronic devices. Its features are listed as following:

1. Multiple voltage outputs of 5, 6, 7.5, 9, 12, 14, 16 and 19V.
2. Power output of 45~60W, extending your laptop computer upto 4 working hours.
3. Compact and elegant design for carrying comfortably.
4. Stable and selective voltage output.
5. 8 pcs of multiple adapters for connection to most of portable electronic devices.
6. LED light indicators identify exact power level.
7. To be charged by regular charger, car charger and solar chargers.
8. USB port output.

Model No. MP3450D MP3450L MP3450E MP3450I
Type DIY Type Laptops Type Economy Type Industry Type
Battery Cell Li-polymer Li-polymer Li-polymer Li-polymer
(2300mAh) 6s1p (2300mAh) 6s1p (2300mAh) 6s1p (2500mAh) 6s1p
Plug Output Votage 5V,6V,7.5V, 10V,12V,14V, 8.4V,12V,16V, 5V,5.5V,6V,6.5V,
9V,12V,14V, 16V,18V,19V 19V 7.5V,8.4V,9V,9.5V,
16V,19V 11V,12V,13V,14V,
Plug Output Current 4A(Constant) 4A(Constant) 3.5(Constant) 4A(Constant)
USB Output Voltage 5V 5.25V-5.4V 5.25V-5.4V
Output PWM DC/DC 96% 96% 96% 93%
Converter Efficiency
Battery Capacity Power 51W 51W 51W 60W
Fast Charging Current 1400-1700mA/2H 800-1000mA/3H 800-1000mA/3H 800-1000mA/3.5-5H
/Time to Battery cell
Capacity Indication 8PCS Blue LED 8PCS Blue 4PCS Yellow 1PCS Red
/6PCS Green LED /4PCS Green LED /7PCS Green LED
Protection Overcharging Overcharging Overcharging Overcharging
/Discharging, /Discharging, /Discharging, /Discharging
Short Circuit Short Circuit Short Circuit Short Circuit
Output Port Over Current 5-7A/110 5-7A 4.5A 5-7A
/Temperature Protection
Accessory 8Tips&Pouch 6Tips&4Input Adapter 6 OutputTipsr 5 Standard Tips
&Leather Jacket &Leather Jacket &4 Input Adapte
&Output Cord &Output Cord&Pounch & Output Cable
&Retractable USB Cable
4Mobile Tips
Typical Weight 430g 430g 430g 430g
Storage Temperature 1Month: -20-60 1Month: -20-60 1Month: -20-60 1Month: -20-60


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