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MP3 batteries

MP3 batteries

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Padre lithium polymer battery for mp3,mp4,mp5 players, li-polymer battery has been the king of digital battery world now.


Padre can customize different lithium polymer battery for MP3,MP4,MP5 players, with this new battery, these equipment can get a big improvement of customer experience. why? Padre lithium polymer battery solution offers higher capacity, smaller size, lighter weight, long cycle life, it means long music time, more easy to carry and take anytime anywhere, no matter charge or discharge are so easy.

Padre can help you when designing unique MP series musical products, just do your shape with our flexible shape battery, be your style, be thin, be small, are available if you work with us.

OEM/ODM orders are welcome, Padre will offer the best solution and battery product according to customer’s detailed requirements. Below are some models of lithium polymer battery cells for MP3 application:

Model Voltage/V Capacity/mAh Thickness±0.2mm Width±0.5mm Height±0.5mm Weight     /g
PD501245 3.7 200 5 12 45 4.5g
PD681362 3.7 530 6.8 13 62 11g
PD701680 3.7 750 7 16 80 16g
PD651730 3.7 280 6.5 17 30 6g
PD681740 3.7 420 6.8 17 40 9g
PD602025 3.7 240 6 20 25 5.5g
PD582030 3.7 300 5.8 20 30 7g
PD602040 3.7 420 6 20 40 9.5g
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