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Tablet pc batteries

Tablet pc batteries

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Tablet PC battery
1-Technology: Lithium polymer battery
2-Long work time with high capacity
3-Light weight
4-Thin with small thickness and flexible shape
5-Safe with lithium polymer material and soft packing
6-Easy charging and discharge without memory effects
7-Environmental friendly


Tablet pc (Panel pc)now is very popular as a small size light weight pc easy to take in personal bags, typical one is IPad series, Surface series products.Since this product is launched to market, the demand is going up in high speed.It’s estimated global tablet pc market will be over 50 billion dollars in 2015.

Tablet pc battery is very important since the born of this equipment, now most manufacturer and supplier of panel pc are using lithium polymer battery for it because of its advantages which fits requirements. The weight must be light, the size must be thin, small, sometimes flexible shape, the capacity must be able to support enough power and work time, charge process must be easy, fast and convenient,  and also safety and cycle life are important.

Padre tablet pc battery is designed for above requirements, we customize batteries with our over 1000 models of li-polymer cells, different battery packs with different voltage, capacity, sizes, plugs, connectors, cables are available.


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