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Heated clothing battery|heated gloves battery

Heated clothing battery|heated gloves battery

Short Description:

Heated clothing batteries, is smart li ion battery system that can output power to control heating system in clothings, widely used for heated gloves, heated clothes, heated insoles, heated shoes,jackets, also Fan cooled batteries are also available to cool for hot summer use.


Heated clothing battery(smart li-ion battery) for

1-Heated gloves

2-Heated clothing

3-Heated socks

4-Heated jacket

5-Heated vest

6-Cooled clothing

·3.7v 2600mAh ·7.4v 6600mAh    ·11.1v 4400mAh ·14.8v 2200mAh ·More batteries

Padre heated clothing battery is designed for both heating in winter and cooling in summer seasons, this product got very hot as soon as it was launched in Europe and US market, because people do felt the changes took by the heated battery and the clothing powered by it.

heated clothing battery ws

Cold season battery heated clothing application:

In winter, many places are under zero degree, some place is even as cold as 20 degrees under zero, it means outdoor activities could be a very cold and painful things, but people needs to go outside for work and daily life each day, so Padre designed unique batteries for such a demand.

heated clothing gloves battery ws

Padre heated clothing battery features:

a-There are mainly 4 types of battery by different voltages, the 3.7V, 7.4V, 11.1V and 14.8V.
b-They have switch buttons for different level of output power so people can choose the heat needed according to environmental situation.
c-Indications are designed for showing the capacity left, it helps people to know when will they need to charge it.
d-Light weight ans small size, they are made from high capacity lithium ion batteries, so it can be easy to take and carry in pocket.
e-Easy to use with no memory effects. they can be charged anytime in need instead of waiting for a full discharging.

Hot season battery cooled clothing (fan cooling clothes) application:

With this heating battery, many new clothing can be warmed, so there are battery heated clothes, battery heated gloves, heated shoes and insoles. Innovation of these heated clothing was a great news for those people who live in freezing cold area, because they can keep warm easily outdoor with just a small battery in pocket, especially for old person and kids, isn’t it a big improvement of life quality?

In Summer, Padre cooling battery can also be helpful for those people who live in hot places, in some places, the temperature can be higher than 35 degree, in India, it can reach even 40 degree, its hard to tolerate. but with Padre cooled clothing battery and the cooling fans system, people can still keep cool outdoor under the sun, they can even do some fishing activities.


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