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Replacement for iPhone batteries 5/5S/6/6S/6Plus/6SPlus/7/7Plus

Replacement for iPhone batteries 5/5S/6/6S/6Plus/6SPlus/7/7Plus

Short Description:

OEM replacement for Iphone batteries,covers most series of Iphone battery such as Iphone 5,5S,6,6S,6S Plus,7,7Plus.


Replacement iPhone batteries  for

1-LiPo battery for iPhone 5

2-LiPo battery for iPhone 5S

3-LiPo battery for iPhone 6

4-LiPo battery  for iPhone 6S

5-LiPo battery for iPhone 6S Plus

6-LiPo battery  for iPhone 7

7-LiPo battery for iPhone 7S

Padre replacement batteries for iPhone batteries is designed OEM produced for replacing old iPhone batteries such as iPhone 5 battery,iPhone 5S battery,iPhone 6 battery,iPhone 6S battery,iPhone 6S plus battery,iPhone 7 battery and iPhone 7S battery.

1- Models list of replacement batteries for iPhone batteries:

Fitting model Battery Model Version Capacity
For iPhone 5 battery PDIB51440             / 1440mAh
For iPhone 5S battery PDIB5S1560            / 1560mAh
For iPhone 6 battery PDIB61810 Standard Capacity 1810mAh
PDIB62000 High Capacity 2000mAh
For iPhone 6 Plus battery PDIB6P2915 Standard Capacity 2915mAh
PDIB6P3200 High Capacity 3200mAh
For iPhone 6S battery PDIB6S1715 Standard Capacity 1715mAh
PDIB6S1950 High Capacity 1950mAh
For iPhone 6S Plus battery PDIB6SP2750 Standard Capacity 2750mAh
PDIB6SP3000 High Capacity 3000mAh
For iPhone 7 battery PDIB71950 Standard Capacity 1950mAh
PDIB72050 High Capacity 2050mAh
For iPhone 7 Plus battery PDIB7P2900 Standard Capacity 2900mAh
PDIB7P3150 High Capacity 3150mAh

 2-High quality cells and pack assembly by OEM factory.

High quality replacement for iPhone batteries

Factory OEM production for replacement batteries of iPhone batteries.

Strict cells quality control for capacity,safety and cycle life ,high standard tests before pack assembly,cells used are brand new 0 cycles from production lines.

New replacement for iPhone battery

New replacement for iPhone battery

safe iPhone battery replacement

Safety ensured replacement battery for iPhone batteries

Advanced manufacturing of iPhone battery replacement

Advanced OEM production of iPhone battery replacement battery.


Long life replacement iPhone batteries

Long life and more cycles replacement batteries for iPhone batteries

3-Convenient and fast replacement with our tools and guidance.

Customers will find its much much easier, faster and cheaper to replace a new battery for their iPhone, with our tools, battery and guidance.

For tools,please have a look at the tools page.

For guidance of replacing iPhone batteries with tools,please contact us by email.

Tools for iPhone battery replacement

Tools for iPhone battery replacement

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